Creative Project #1

Two Line Responses

Two line responses is a unique way to bring your creative juices to work. One person daily picks us two lines or a poem and shares with others. The folks who get the two lines read it once and then they write two lines of what comes into their mind. Don't bother rhyming them, just write what comes to your mind. You continue this for a week and then collate them and send to us and we will publish on our Blog.

Creative Project #2

10 Words 10 Lines

This can be done daily or once a week as time permits for you. one of the members selects 10 words and gives to the others. Each person then takes the 10 words and makes ten sentences out of the words one after the other to make a 10 line poem. You could also try writing a 10 sentence micro fiction using one of the words in each sentence. Capitalize the given words so you know it is all used.