Frequently Asked Questions

Why should Teens focus on Writing?

Writing helps you to articulate your thoughts and imagination using the power of words. This is a skill not just for fun but something that will help you in your life and career ahead. There are so many grownups in the world who wish they knew to write better, even professional emails. Writing is your step to building that Skill.

Isn't Publishing a Book is Tough?

True writing a book is not easy and it takes commitment, time, imagination and knowledge of a subject. But Publishing what you have already written has become much more easier and cheaper in the Digital world . It is the Journey of Writing that will transform you and you should look at publishing as the result of it.

How do I Start?

The most important thing you need to get started is an interest for words and a commitment to dedicate some time regularly to write. There are also techniques to come up with ideas, plots, research on what you want to write and so on by building a Writing Calendar. But first and foremost is a commitment and wish to start. Rest follows.